Bosque, a city, where diverse cultural being lives for work and survival. Two friends from work share a room in the city. Both friends spend their day at work as underground workers and in the evening, they used to eat and rest for the day. They kept a low profile and followed their daily routine.

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One morning, the neighbourhood was shattered with the news that some of the infants were kidnapped. The missing infant parents were crying their heart out. It took almost a day to calm and settle in the neighborhood.

Next morning, the underground workers at work found blood, strips of small hair and a broken arm. The crime scene confirms that the arm belongs to one of the missing infants. This ruthless act broke everyone’s heart in the neighbourhood and raged them to punish the killer. By the end of the investigation, it was found that two friends were the last to leave from work on the day when this tragedy happened.

Since they were proved to be innocent, they returned back to their room. One of the friends was terrified by the recent activity in the neighbourhood and had trouble in sleeping.

Two weeks later..,

It was a dark filled night, one of the friend sneaked out of the room as quiet as a mouse. When the other friend found his friend was leaving quietly, he started to follow him. The one who sneaks out enters the underground workplace first. The friend who followed him heard some noise in the underground, he could see a cloth covered in blood, he was frightened but he slowly moves towards the noise. At the end of the tunnel, he could see someone eating the infant and watched his friend was standing near the killer and helping him. This gave him a shock and he made a sound.

The killer noticed him and approached to kill him. The friend who followed was scared, kept running for his life and never turned back. He could hear the sound of his own death behind him. As he reached the city and explained about the incident happened in the underground. He told about his friend and the killer.
He rat his friend.

Now read the story again. Considering,

The friends are Mouse.
The Killer is Snake.
Bosque means forest.

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