For many of them, starting from a small kid to aged people, cellphones are their best buddies who they can't live without. They can't even spend 10 minutes away from it. They feel lost if their cellphone is not near them. That much addition will definitely cause huge damage to the users. Anything which is beyond its limit is always harmful.

Anything that we over use, it's harmful and cellphones are the best example- Moshaworld

Here are a few facts on how harmful it could be if we use too much.

∆ if you use cellphones continuously for hours and hours you might end up having tendinitis problem, pain in the elbows if you hold the cellphones for a long time. Some may want to crack their knuckles after using your hand in the same posture, knuckles cracking is also bad for health.

Now, what is Tendinitis?

Tendinitis also referred to as tendonitis is an inflammation or irritation of a tendon.
Tendon is part that inside your body which joins a muscle to a bone.

∆ some of you might have the habit of searching the cellphone around the whole house while it lies silent in your pocket. People who have that feeling is known as Nomophobia, The fear of not being without your cellphone. People who have Nomophobia will never switch off their cellphones.

∆Here comes the most common fact of all, using a cellphone before sleep can delay your sleep time. The rays of the cellphone will block the sleeping hormones which delays your sleep time as well, so it is suggested to not use the cellphone before when you are going to sleep.

∆ Many of us, use cellphones while we eat. It not only increases the time for eating but also increases the quantity of eating. When we use cellphones while eating, it also damages the brain signal in the body. Due to the overconsumption of food may also lead to obesity.

∆ People who use cellphones continuously and all the time, they will find hard to listen to someone. Normally, a person's listening capacity is 8seconds but when the excessive use of cellphones causes to shorten the listening skill. 

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