It is a full moon night at the end of the summer, silvery and serene.

As I said, it’s the end of the summer and tomorrow is my first day of 11th grade. But I am not excited, I knew that I will see some faces from last year and a few new faces. As usual, before class, every student should assemble in a seminar hall for orientation, the hall could hold 120 people, a maximum of 148. But I could count 183 people in that hall. Looks like the management made more revenue from 11th grade. Ah, it’s suffocating and the speech from headmaster is frustrating. And finally, after the stupidest life motivational speech, we are asked to return to our class.

The time is 8:36 in the morning and I was looking for my friend, only friend since my 5th grade, Vasu. I talk to no one in the school except Vasu. He is the only one who understands me. While I was looking for my friend, I felt embarrassed when other students gave a strange look over me. Deep down, I have a desire to smash every face with a hammer by the looks people give when they see me. Do you think, I am different? they think I'm a weird person. At last, I found my friend and I sat next to him in class.

Time was 9:16 AM, Physics is our first class, Mrs Kavitha will be teaching physics and she is our class in-charge for the year. She asked everyone to introduce ourselves and whom we would aspiring to became. Everyone started introducing them by walking to the front of the class. Boring

As time Passed 9:30 AM, I heard a voice from outside, “excuse me, ma’am”. A boy asked Mrs Kavitha to let him inside. I wasn't paying much attention. Out of the blue, I heard “mathematician”, that was the boy who came late. He said that “he wants to become a mathematician”. That excites me, I asked my friend, “What’s his name?” by writing on the backside of my notepad. He wrote Abhishek. Abhishek, hmm. The bell rang before a few students introduced themselves, including me.

The next class is math, we had Baskar sir for teaching. Baskar sir wrote a problem from algebra on board and asked us to solve. It’s simple, the value of x is 41.58. I noticed Abhishek raised his hand. Baskar sir asked him, he said the square root of Ramanujan number. Everybody in the class gave a perplexed look. Even I was surprised and he is right, Ramanujan's number is 1729 and the square root of 1729 is 41.58. He explained to everyone and got applause. At the end of the class, I admired him a lot. Now I understood his passion for math and am a little jealous as well.

The next day I was sitting in the class while looking for Vasu and Abhishek. I noticed a few girls started gossiping about other students. Two girls were playfully pushing each other and suddenly one girl fell on me from behind. I got pissed and slapped her in front of other students in the class. This spread like cancer.

A couple of days later, I was early for school, where nobody was there in class. I thought of testing Abhishek’s math skills. I wrote a problem from calculus in a paper and at the bottom, I wrote “Leo. Euler”. I kept the paper under his desk. Abhishek came to class at 8:23 AM, he kept his bag and walked to his nerd group of friends. Then he came to his place. I was hoping for him to check under his desk, but he didn’t. The first hour started and the second hour went as well, but he didn’t check his desk. I was thrilled whether he'll check his desk or not. The third class is math, he will never take his eyes from Baskar sir and board. The class was over followed by a 15 minutes break before the next class. He closed his notebook, kept under his desk and rushed to the restroom. I lost my hopes on him checking that paper. He came back after 13 minutes, he took his note from his desk and saw the paper drop down to the floor. He took the paper, checked what’s written on the paper. The bell rang for the fourth class. He crushed the paper and I got disappointed.

The class was over, we had a lunch break of 45minutes. I went with my friend for lunch. Once I came to my place, I saw something written on the board, that's the answer to my question. At the bottom, he wrote, “Euler, I used your method (Euler’s method) to solve the problem.” Wow, that is correct. The problem which I wrote on the piece of paper needs Euler’s method to solve. I just want to eat his brain. Vasu noted these quietly and asked nothing about it. I have become anonymous Euler. Later, when problems sent anonymously and answered during breaks on board, continued. Vasu had a doubt on me, he asked me what was happening and I blushed. Yes, I do have emotions.

A couple of days later...

Today was no moon day, I felt strangely discomfort from the morning. I thought of taking leave, but I want to see Abhishek and introduce myself today. When I entered the class I could see Abhishek talking to a girl, who I slapped the other day. I felt an ache in my head, duh! A Splitting Headache. While I was crossing them, they both were looking at me and started laughing. I was humiliated, I couldn’t find my friend Vasu. I was trying to listen to their conversation and overheard her saying, “dumb & dump”. This is the peak of humiliation that hit me hard. I stood up from my place, walked towards theirs and gave a slap to her. I looked at his eyes, then, walked towards the board and wrote “Silent Euler”.

Yes, am a dark, deaf-mute girl. Is that a huge problem?

Deaf-Mute story -Silent Euler|Mosha World

Dark is just a complexion and people must learn to quit judging people by their looks! A little kindness wouldn't hurt anyone. 

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