Today let's see how to make a crunchy chicken leg fry.

First squeeze the lemon to get two spoons of lemon juice, add it in the masala to make a paste. Add extra water and make the masala paste with good consistency as shown in the video. Once the masala is ready add the chicken leg pieces in it and mix them well.

All the pieces should be mixed thoroughly with the masala. Once it is done, marinate the chicken in the masala for 1-2 hours. Heat the oil in medium flame and fry the chicken for 3-5minutes. Poke with a stick or fork to check whether the chicken is cooked well. Mostly, if the oil is in the medium flame then we can take the chicken from oil when it turns golden brown.

Viola! Simple yet amazing chicken leg fry is ready to be served.

Enjoy this chicken fry with any rice of your choice it will suit as an amazing combo. We have tasted this with simple rasam rice and it was quite excellent.

We have fried the chicken after 2hours to get the crunchy chicken leg fry. You can also fry them after 1hour. Results will be the same.

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