Crispy Bread Roll Recipe in Tamil / Bread snacks Recipe in Tamil

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Bread Masala Recipe in Tamil:

Now cut the bread corners and keep it aside. Put the bread corners in a mixy jar and grind them to get breadcrumbs. Take the bread and flat them using a rolling stick. Once the bread is rolled flat, we can take the gravy and place it in the centre then start rolling. We have used little water at the ends to finish the rolling, so the masala stays inside when we fry them. Similarly, prepare all the rolls and keep it aside.

Heat the oil in medium flame, add the rolled bread pieces in the oil. Fry them till it is a golden brown colour.

Tada! the crispy and crunchy bread roll is ready to serve.

This is an amazing evening snack for kids. It is a very healthy snack for people who don't like vegetables, we can add the vegetables of our own choices and make the gravy, stuff them into bread and make this delicious roll and enjoy!

Worried that nobody in your home eats vegetables in the lunch?
Worry not, bread roll comes to the rescue! Use your vegetable gravy as the stuffing and make this recipe in the evenings. Damn sure, everyone in your family will fight to taste this yummy roll.

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